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Meet Dennis

Personal and Educational Background:

Dennis Richardson has been a proud resident of Oregon since 1979. The son of a carpenter, Richardson grew up in Southeast Los Angeles. He joined the US Army in 1969 and served as a helicopter pilot. He flew over one thousand war time hours, and was awarded 19 air medals.

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Dennis was elected to his first term as Oregon State Representative in 2002. But, why would a successful attorney leave his practice to serve in the State Legislature? Dennis says he and Cathy made a conscious decision to pattern their lives after Benjamin Franklin, who believed that a person’s first 50 years of life should be spent learning, earning and raising a family, and their last 50 years should be dedicated to giving back to society in the form of public service. It’s this service that led him to serve the citizens of Oregon.

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After graduating from law school, Dennis successfully served his clients as a practicing attorney in Central Point for more than 30 years. During his career as a small town attorney, Dennis practiced in the areas of General Law, Business, Estate Planning and in behalf of consumers as an Insurance Plaintiffs’ attorney. The biography of Dennis Richardson has been featured in Who’s Who in the American Law. Dennis also used his legal training to benefit the community. When downtown Central Point was threatened with the opening of a pornography shop just blocks from two elementary schools, Dennis joined the fight and the owner withdrew his application.

Personal and Educational Background:

Dennis Richardson has spent his life championing causes for individuals, families, and businesses; and has worked his entire life to create opportunities for others. He volunteered for the U.S. Army in 1969 and is a decorated, veteran helicopter pilot who served in Chu Lai, Viet Nam. After returning Dennis began working his way through college as a carpenter.. In 1973, he married Cathy Coyl Richardson. A Southern Oregon resident since 1979, together they raised their family in Central Point and they are the proud parents of one son and eight.

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  • Vision and Leadership

    Oregon has operated without a vision for the future for far too long. A Richardson Administration will rise to the challenge of preparing our state for the future, protecting our seniors, educating our children and empowering small businesses to grow, prosper and create jobs.

  • Creating Jobs, Promoting Oregon

    I’ve organized and directed 10 international legislative trade delegations to promote Oregon business, education and tourism. As Governor, I will open new markets for Oregon products and services that create jobs and return prosperity to Oregon.

  • It’s Your Money – Demand Value

    I’ve earned a reputation for demanding absolute accountability and fiscal discipline from government. I’ll put an end to cronyism, demand accountability and lead a government that will be more focused on protecting your job than mine.

  • Balancing Priorities

    We can protect our environment and our jobs. My policy will be simple – I’ll get government out of the way of good corporate citizens that follow the rules and create good jobs but I will have a zero tolerance policy for those that put self-interest ahead of responsibility.


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